Gerry Hedstrom Curriculum Vitae

B. S. (physics) 1955, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ph. D. (mathematics) 1959, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Applied mathematics and computational physics

Employment history:
Instructor and Assistant Professor, University of Michigan,
September 1959-June 1968.

Associate Professor and Professor, Case Western Reserve
University, September 1968-June 1977.

Livermore National Laboratory, July 1977-May 1999.

Livermore National Laboratory part-time retiree August 1999-present.

Editor, SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing, January 1983-December 1987.

Editor, Journal of Computational Physics, August 1987--September 1991.
Associate editor for computational physics, Physical Review E, September 1992-present.

Sample publications:
Matrix methods in synthetic seismograms” (with R. C. Y. Chin and L. Thigpen), Geophys. J. R. astron. Soc. (1984), 483-502.

Application of a correspondence principle to the free vibrations of some viscoelastic solids” (with R. C. Y. Chin and G. Majda), Geophys. J. R. astron. Soc. 86 (1986), 137-166.

On the use of the FN method with splines for radiative transfer problems” (with R. C. Y. Chin and C. E. Siewert), J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Trans., 39 (1988), 205-217.


Administrative Information

Updated:  September 23, 2003