geom_summ             Version 2005 January 7 16:45.

Author:  Arthur L. Edwards (

                        GEOM CODE

All GEOM files are in the directories beginning with the roots:

/users/u47/edwards/geom    On the Fast Storage archive system.
                           Contents of each directory are usually in a TAR
                           file named yymmdd.east.tar, where yy is the year,
                           mm is the month and dd is the day,

~edwards/work/geom         On the open YANA Cluster.

Following the root directory name are the names of the subdirectories and files
(all are defined in geom_files):

doc                   Documentation.

                        archive          List of files last saved in archive.
                        geom_APT         Summary of APT subroutines, annotated
                                           to show those used in GEOM.
                        geom_base        General glossary.  Entries for every
                                           command, option, key word, argument,
                                           procedure, concept, etc.
                        geom_commapts    APT subroutines used by each command.
                        geom_commdefs    Command line definitions.
                        geom_commform    Command line forms.
                        geom_files       Directories and file descriptions.
                        geom_head        Subroutine header blocks.
                        geom_head.make   Instructions for making geom_head.
                        geom_internal    Internal variables in file store.h.
                        geom_link_1      Subr. calls for each subr. and command.
                        geom_link_m      Subr. calls for each subr. and command.
                        geom_log         Chronological log of GEOM development.
                        geom_make        Instructions for updating GEOM.
                        geom_summ        Directory and file summary.

make                  Makefile, source files, binary files, and code.

                        geom             Controllee.  Very complete built-in
                                           help messages.
                        Makefile         Make file - compile and load.
                        store.h          Macro file for parameters, common
                        *.f              Source files.  All heavily commented.
                        *.o              Binary files.

test                  Test problems.
                        *.test           Test problem input files.  Almost every
                                           command and option is tested,
                                           including most detectable errors.
                        *.hsp            Test problem output files.
                        mac*             Macros for additional input.
                        geom_mv.hsp.all  Script to rename original test problem
                                           output files by appending ".old".
                        geom_exe.all     Script to run all test problems.
                        geom_diff.all    Script to comare all original test
                                           problem output files with new ones.

Descriptions of all directories, libraries, files, codes and procedures are in
geom_base and geom_files.