MCAPM – Monte Carlo All Particle Method

A collection of routines that use processed nuclear data to simulate the transport of particles through matter.  Currently, MCAPM can track neutrons, protons, deuterons, tritons, 3He, 4He, and photons.  MCAPM returns the mean free path of the tracked projectile and samples the exiting angles and energies of the secondary particles for each collision.


Chris Hagmann (Lead)
Frank Daffin


Brantley P., Hagmann C., and Rathkopf J., “MCAPM-C Generator and Collision Routine (gen2000/bang2000) Documentation:  Revision 1.1,” (2002).  (Request Form)

Hedstrom G., Cox L., and Perkins S., "The Content and Structure of MCF Files," UCRL-ID-127438, Rev. 1 July (1997). (HTML, PDF version)

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Updated:  October 9, 2003