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Kinematics type 6 and 7

These two kinematics types refer, respectively, to coherent and incoherent scattering of a photon by an electron. The corresponding kinematics directories take the same form.

Directory length:
The length of this kinematics directory.

Photon scattering:
For kinematics type 6 this segment gives the location of the $ \tt I\_number$ = 941 data, and for type 7 it locates the $ \tt I\_number$ = 942 data.

Identification of secondary particle:
Identify the secondary particle by yo number (7 for gamma).

Scatterer identification:
Identify the scatterer (an electron.)

Energy deposition:
Location of the $ \tt I\_number$ = 10 data.

Two slots per particle are reserved for future use.