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Locations of mcfgen and mcfbin

The standard version of mcfgen is located in the directory

$\displaystyle \tt /nds/bin$

on the Nuclear Data Group's computer network. The source code for the program mcfgen is located in the directory

$\displaystyle \tt /nds/processing/mcf/mcfgen$

and it is under the control of the sccs file-management system.

The source code for mcfbin is located in the directory

$\displaystyle \tt /nds/processing/mcf/mcfbin$

The Fortran code is machine-dependent for a few of the subroutines in this directory. These routines are distinguished by the presence of the letters `CRY' or `SUN' in the file name. Correspondingly, this directory also contains two versions of Makefile, namely, MakefileCRY and MakefileSUN. It is the convention to use Cray binary mcf files. Consequently, even though the source files for mcfbin are maintained on the network of Sun computers, that code is actually run on one of the Crays.