Computational Nuclear Physics Group

Our mission is to provide high-quality nuclear reaction data and transport algorithms needed by national security and energy programs. Current research in the nuclear data arena focuses on cross sections for neutron-induced reactions. Transport algorithm R&D efforts are on improvements to radiation transport.

The routines, databases and techniques developed by group members are published in peer-reviewed journals; implemented for use with Accelerated Strategic Computing (ASC) simulation codes; and available to the scientific community. We work closely with our customers to understand and address their needs in a timely fashion, and often collaborate with the experiment and theory groups in N Division to provide new nuclear data.


Group Picture Frank Daffin David Brown Eugene Brooks Michael Scott McKinley Dennis McNabb Abe Szoke Bret Beck Jo Ann Harris Gerry Hedstrom Chris Hagmann

Members of the Computational Nuclear Physics Group are from left to right: Chris Hagmann, Gerry Hedstrom, Jo Ann Harris, Bret Beck, Abe Szoke, Dennis McNabb, M. Scott McKinley, Eugene Brooks, David Brown, Frank Daffin, Jim Sharp(not shown) and Jeff McAninch (not shown).

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Updated: October 23, 2003