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The interpolation code interp_typ used in the ENDL system specifies the type of interpolation to be used for the data on energy and cross section. Only the values $ \tt interp\_typ$ = 0 and 5 are used.

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 0:
Linear-linear interpolation. This is used for all but incident gammas.

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 1:
Piecewise constant (a histogram).

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 2:
Linear-linear interpolation.

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 3:
Linear-log interpolation (logarithmic in x).

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 4:
Log-linear interpolation (logarithmic in y).

$ \tt interp\_typ$ = 5:
Log-log interpolation. This is used only for incident photons.