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Identification of the target

We start with the quantities:

The atomic number and mass number for the target. The format is 1000*Z + A, but there are special cases. The value A = 0 denotes a natural element, so that $ \tt nnza$ = 8000 for natural oxygen. Also, the values $ \tt nnza$ = 99120 and 99125 are used for fission fragments. Furthermore, in some instances $ \tt nnza$ = - 9 denotes an electron.

The atomic mass of the target.

The excitation level of the target.

The halflife. Stable isotopes are given a halflife of 1050.

(date, nwd):
Two 32-bit integers, containing the date of the most recent update for this target and the length of the target directory.

The number of data words following the directory.

The number of reactions for the target.