NADS - Nuclear and Atomic Data System

With NADS internet users can view and plot nuclear and atomic data in ENDL format. It is a Java Applet that communicates with a FUDGE server over the internet. With the completion of the ENDF to ENDL translation, ENDF data is also avilable for viewing. 2-D data is plotted with Ptplot from the Ptolemy II project while 3- and 4-D plotting was programmed in house. Future work in this area should lead ability to modify and download data in ENDL format. NADS is an upgrade from the older NDS 2000 system that is being phased out.


M. Scott McKinley (Lead)
Bret Beck
Dennis McNabb


NADS F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) UCRL-WEB-202178 (HTML)

NADS internal help files / documentation, UCRL-WEB-202178 (HTML)

NADS main page UCRL-WEB-202178 (HTML)

NDS 2000 (Phasing out) (Internal Only) (HTML)

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Updated:  July 9, 2004