NDF – Nuclear Data File

The NDF package includes processing codes to generate nuclear reaction data for discrete-ordinate particle transport codes.  Processing reduces the data by judiciously binning them with respect to incident and outgoing particle energies and generates flux-averaged speeds, cross-sections, transfer matrices, deposition energies, production energies and fission information.  The package also includes a code library with routines to access the processed data.

Current efforts include generating data to account for thermal motions of the target. This affects cross-section (sometimes called thermal broadening) and outgoing particle energy / angle data.


Bret Beck (Lead)
Frank Daffin


Beck B., “LLNL's Deterministic Transport Access Routines and Data: Documentation for the Nuclear Data Files (ndf) and the libndf.a access routines,” (2002).  (HTML, PDF version, Postscript version)

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Updated:  October 9, 2003