TDF – Thermonuclear Data File

The TDF processing codes provide Maxwellian-averaged reaction rates and final-state energy spectra for fusion reactions.  This information closely models the rates and particle distributions in a burning plasma, and therefore leads to more accurate computational treatments of thermonuclear burn, energy depostion and diagnostics.  Routines are provided that allow users to access and accurately interpolate the processed data tables.

The TDF package currently provides thermonuclear burn data on five 2-body gas reactions: d(d,n)3He, d(d,p)t, (t,t2n), t(d,n)a, 3He(d,p)a

The current effort is to (1) update the data tables on the five gas reactions and estimate their uncertainties; (2) expand the data tables to include a larger number of thermonuclear reactions; (3) improve the data processing to handle n-body exit channels and non-Maxwellian distributions via Monte Carlo sampling; (4) modernize the data access library; and (5) integrate the data processing into the FUDGE package to allow users to perform sensitivity studies.


M. Scott McKinley
Jeff McAninch


Warshaw S., “The TDF System for Thermonuclear Plasma Reaction Rates, Mean Energies and Two-Body Final State Particle Spectra, ” UCRL-ID-144510 (2001).  (HTML, PDF version, Postscript version)

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Updated:  October 9, 2003