Data Processing

Nuclear reaction databases are processed into tailored formats to increase the efficiency of laboratory simulation codes. The group supports data processing for Monte Carlo particle transport, deterministic particle transport, and thermonuclear reaction rates. Processed data files and data access routines are avilable as code packages on most platforms.

MCF The MCF package includes processing codes to reduce and reformat evaluated nuclear data to maximize the computational efficiency of Monte Carlo simulations. The processing:discretizes outgoing particle energy and angle distributions into equal-probable bins and generates flux-weighted cross-section data over incident particle energy intervals. This package also includes a code library with routines to perform collision sampling with a variety of biasing and additional physics options.

NDF The NDF package includes processing codes to generate nuclear reaction data for discrete-ordinate particle transport codes. Processing reduces the data by judiciously binning them with respect to incident and outgoing particle energies and generates flux-averaged speeds, cross-sections, transfer matrices, deposition energies, production energies and fission information. The package also includes a code library with routines to access the processed data.

TDF The TDF package includes processing codes to provide Maxwellian-averaged reaction rates and N-body final-state energy spectra for fusion reactions. This information closely models the rates and particle distributions in a burning plasma, and therefore leads to more accurate computational treatments of thermonuclear burn, energy depostion and diagnostics. Routines are provided in an associated code library that allow users to access and accurately interpolate these processed data.

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Updated: October 9, 2003