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Comparison of Implicit and Symbolic Implicit Monte Carlo Line Transport with Frequency Weight Vector Extension

Michael Scott McKinley

Eugene D. Brooks III
Abraham Szoke

University of California
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, California 94550


We compare the Implicit Monte Carlo (IMC) technique to the Symbolic IMC (SIMC) technique, with and without weight vectors in frequency space, for time-dependent line transport in the presence of collisional pumping. We examine the efficiency and accuracy of the IMC and SIMC methods for test problems involving the evolution of a collisionally pumped trapping problem to its steady-state, the surface heating of a cold medium by a beam, and the diffusion of energy from a localized region that is collisionally pumped. The importance of spatial biasing and teleportation for problems involving high opacity is demonstrated. Our numerical solution, along with its associated teleportation error, is checked against theoretical calculations for the last example.

Key words: Monte Carlo, symbolic, photon, transport, teleportation error, X Ray Laser
PACS: 42.55.Vc, 95.30.Jx, 95.30.Ky